Beginner Adult Skills Class

At Mactir, we offer two 6-week programs for beginner adult dancers. Once you have completed both of those sessions, you can enter into our year round adult program on Thursday evening!

Beginner Skills (Session I): During the 6-weeks we will take you through the fundamentals of Irish Dance, learning both soft shoe and hard shoe dancing, go through technique drills, conditioning, and also individual and group step work!

*No need to purchase shoes, and no previous dance experience required!

Beginner Skills (Session II): (You must complete session I to start session II) This will build on the skills you learned in the first session, but help bridge the gap into our year round program. We'll take on new challenges with hard shoe, as well as elaborate on our group choreography! One you have completed this Session and would like to continue, you have the option to move to our year round program in the Intermediate Adult class on Thursdays from 7:30-8:30!

Questions? Please feel free to contact us!

Beginner Adult Skills Spring (session I): April 8-May 13

Sundays, 7-8pm

Each 6-week session is $70

Deadline to Register for the Beginner Skills Session I is April 7!